Gift wrap sort and recycle too!

Gift wrap sort and recycle too!

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Do you know that the paper that adorns your gifts, however decorative, has the right to a new life by being recycled?

Ecocitoyen even during the holidays!

  • Polka Dot, striped, golden, beaded ... the beauty of packaging is part of the pleasure of discovering gifts at the foot of the tree.
  • The gift papers have like any other paper right through recycling to a new life to reinvent themselves in directory, flyer, novel ...
  • Only 76% of French people know that gift wrap is sorted and recycled.
  • Ecofolio, the organization in charge of the collection and recycling of paper, reminds that it is better, the gifts once unpacked, to sort your papers to deposit them in the dedicated trash instead of throwing them in the fireplace.
  • In 2012, 44% of the papers were recycled on the national territory.
  • Ecofolio hopes to significantly increase the percentage of recycled paper to reach 60% in 2018.

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