The big bed for cuddles ...

The big bed for cuddles ...

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Help your baby find his rhythm day-night or your great to sleep well at night ... we offer you every day a tip from the second issue of the collection "The Essentials of: 85 tips for him to sleep well", sold with pocket format. Today, our special toddler advice.

  • When returning from maternity, sleeping with her child sometimes seems to be obvious for moms. After nine months of melee, it is of course difficult to consider separating from his baby even for one night. So small, he is not going to sleep in a big cold bed! And yet, it's better.
  • Better for whom? For your child first. He will be safer in his cradle, why not next to your bed. And for you, then: you will sleep better without fear of choking or falling. For your couple, it is also preferable even if, for the moment, you do not have the head to do some flip!

Furry lighting

  • At night, you go to your toddler's room to feed, comfort or change. For him to make the difference with the day, a different lighting is necessary. The ideal is a dimmed lamp which you can adjust the intensity according to the moment.

Stéphanie Letellier

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Find more tips in "The Essentials of: 85 tips for him to sleep well", sold with pocket format.


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