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The Ocean Genius: Episode 2

The Ocean Genius: Episode 2

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Theo and Pauline can make three wishes that will - perhaps - be answered by Baladin, the genius of the ocean. Theo asks for a giant bucket to make giant sand castles. A surprise, giant too, is waiting for him! The continuation of our history.

  • - Bless you ! exclaimed Baladin. And shit! in a cloud of smoke a bucket as high as a palm tree appears.
  • "It sucks like a wish, Theo," Pauline said, "I had to ask ... I do not know. a treasure ! Your bucket, how do you fill it? And if you succeed, how do you raise it! Pfff! I would like you to sit on it to punish you, that's it! "
  • Bless you ! said Baladin immediately and, shit! Theo flies away and finds himself perched at the top! Pauline is angry.
  • "Sorry," said the genie, "I did what you said, come on, there's a wish left. Let's hurry! "
  • As Theo calls for help, up there on her bucket, Pauline thinks. If she asks Baladin to bring down Theo, all this will have been useless ... Suddenly she has an idea:
  • " I know ! We want a magic shell that fulfills the wishes when we breathe in.

So, this magical shell? The rest and end.

A story written by Françoise Clairet-Colaruotolo, illustrated by Kaori Souvignet, published in the magazine Toupie, Milan jeunesse.