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The Ocean Genius: Episode 1

The Ocean Genius: Episode 1

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A bottle in the sea ... this is the incredible discovery of Theo and his sister, Pauline, on the beach holidays. A treasure map, a call for help? Not at all ! What this bottle contains is even more surprising. Let's go for the story!

  • "A bottle in the sea !"
  • On the beach, Theo's cry rang out. His sister Pauline comes running.
  • "Look," said Theo, "I found a bottle, there is a paper in it ..."
  • Theo unscrews the cap. Pof! the paper falls. Pauline unfolds it. It's a big one, she can read. Theo asks him: "What is written?
  • - "The genius of the ocean is waiting for you, well hidden in its pearly cocoon", says Pauline.
  • - Pearly cocoon, what does it mean?"Theo asks.
  • The children look in the bottle. A shell has remained at the bottom. That's surely the cocoon ...
  • Theo slides it into his hand. Immediately a genius barely bigger than an ant jumps on his arm!
  • "My name is Baladin," said the mini-genius, "and I realize the wishes. Make three and I will disappear."
  • - For real ? Theo asks.
  • - Yes ! Baladin answers.
  • - I know ! exclaimed Theo. I want a giant bucket to make castles giant sand."

Will Theo's vow be realized? The following.

A story written by Françoise Clairet-Colaruotolo, illustrated by Kaori Souvignet, published in the magazine Toupie, Milan jeunesse.


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