Harouna Meaning - Origin and Names

Harouna Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs

Meaning of the name:

Harouna is a male given name of Arab origin, but it is widely used in African Muslim nations such as Mali and Senegal.

Harouna means "exalted", "passionate", "packed" and "enthusiastic" in Arabic.


Harouna Cissé, Malian politician.

Harouna Dia, famous Senegalese businessman.

His character :

Reserved in appearance, Harouna is more open when he is confident. Honest and conscientious, he also demonstrates a strong moral sense. Patience is one of his greatest qualities. Stable and disciplined, Harouna will be a volunteer in class. Persevering and intelligent, he will succeed his schooling. Characterized by an introverted nature, Harouna is not afraid of loneliness. This sincere little prince will favor a sincere and exclusive friendship to others. Proud and independent, Harouna first seeks to get by and only asks for help as a last resort.


Haroun, Haroune, Arouna, Aroun are just variants of the name Harouna.

His party :

Harouna is celebrating the 1st of July.

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