Name Geoffrey - Meaning of thumbs

Name Geoffrey - Meaning of thumbs

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The name Geoffrey is derived from the name Godefroy. It is composed of the Germanic words "Gaut" which means "God" and "frid" which means "peace". Geoffrey translates as "the peace of God".


Geoffrey Arend, American actor (Body of proof), Geoffrey Zakarian, chief cook, restorer and author of Armenian-American origin, Geoffrey Tulsane, French footballer, Geoffrey Owens, American actor. Geoffrey Piet, French actor (Jonas in the series Plus belle la vie), Geoffrey Rush, Australian actor ...

Geoffrey is celebrated on Saint Geoffroy's day in Amiens. Saint Geoffroy was a French priest who obtained the office of bishop of Amiens in 1104. Hated by the nobles and bourgeois of the city, he retired to the Grande Chartreuse before being recalled by the inhabitants of Amiens.

His character :

Geoffrey has a strong personality and a great magnetism that he often hides behind the reserve and the need to please others at any cost. He is both introverted and extroverted. In society, it is most charming and most attractive. Great gourmand, he munched all the pleasures of life to the fullest. Once Geoffrey has a goal, he does everything to achieve it, and he gives himself the means to achieve it. Despite his calm and reserved side, he can indulge in big rages.


Geoffroy, Geffray, Geffroy, Godeffroy, Jauffre, Jaufret, Jeff, Jefferson, Jeffrey, Jeoffroy, Joffrey, Joffroy.

His party :

The Geoffrey are celebrated on November 8th.

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