Name Faris - Meaning and origin

Name Faris - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Faris has two meanings in Arabic. It can mean "knight", "knight" or "ennobling".


Fares Karam is a Lebanese singer.
Faris Haroun is a Belgian footballer. Faris Handzic is a Bosnian football player.
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His character :

Faris is a shy boy, reserved and suspicious. He loves secrets and his entourage finds him enigmatic, even elusive. At first glance, it seems phlegmatic, but in reality, it's a big nervous. He is often confronted with existential questions that make him doubt his abilities. To hide this lack of confidence in him, he often resorts to irony and a detached attitude. Faris is a rather lonely boy, but under a distant exterior hides a most lively intelligence. His critical and Cartesian mind pushes him to skepticism and rejection of all that is not rational.
Faris is an altruistic and idealistic boy. Gifted with a great imagination, he often seems in the clouds, but when his imagination is combined with his intuition, he often has flashes of genius. He is very curious and can ask absurd questions some times. Faris is a nonconformist boy. He does not follow the rules and prefers to find his own way.



His party :

There is no holiday for people named Faris.

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