Ewan Meaning - Meaning and Origin

Ewan Meaning - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:

Greeks, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Anglo-Saxon form of Eugene, the name Ewan comes from the Greek "eugenios" meaning "noble race".
In the Greek tradition, Ewan is derived from the first name John from the term "yohanan" or "God is merciful".


Ewan McGregor is a British actor who has been successful in Hollywood blockbusters as well as in art and essay films.
Ewan Dobson is a Canadian fingerstyle guitarist.
Ewan Stewart is a British actor best known for his appearances in the Titanic films in 1997 and Young Adam in 2003.
Ewan MacColl is a British-born singer, songwriter, publisher, poet and writer.
Ewan Pearson is a musician, remixer and English producer.
Ewan Anderson is an English academician, expert in geopolitics, economics and social geography.

His character :

Ewan is a simple and balanced person. It adapts easily to all situations. Hypersensitive and emotional, he hides behind a facade of calm and virility. Because of this strong emotivity, he can be angry and violent. His explosive temper often confuses his entourage. He gives great importance to the opinion that others have of him.
Independent and unconditional, Ewan prefers to preserve a certain freedom. Mistrustful and cautious, his love life is important to him. Endowed with a very sure sense of friendship, he can go to the sacrifice to help his friends. Ewan is a unique being, a bit rough, but with a heart full of love.


Evan, Hevan, Ewen, Evans, Ewans, Evhan and Evann.

His party :

The Ewan are in the spotlight on May 3rd.

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