Name Chrystel - Meaning of origin

Name Chrystel - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Chrystel comes from the Latin name "Christus" which means "Christ". It can also stem from the Greek "Christ" which is the translation of the Greek word "Messiah". It is therefore a derivative of the first name Christine.


The gymnast Chrystel Robert, the actress Chrystelle Labaude, the photographer Chrystèle Lerisse, the journalist and scriptwriter French Chrystel Egal, the world champion fishing Chrystèle Mesure.

St. Christina of Tire is a Christian martyr who lived according to sources in the third or fifth century. She profaned the ancient gods of her father and refused to renounce Christianity. She was quartered, thrown into the fire, locked in an oven, then in a cage with venomous snakes. The latter would then have spared her to throw herself on her guardian. It is said that Christine brought the overseer back to life and converted him to Christianity. She died finally pierced with an arrow.

His character :

Chrystel is sociable and intelligent. She finds original solutions for all the problems she faces. She will always find new ideas to solve a difficulty or to find new concepts. Chrystel also shines by its naturalness and its softness. Generous, she is always ready to fly to the rescue of the needy. She will be an affectionate and understanding mother. Finally, on the professional side, she will look for the professions of impresario or nurse.


Christina, Christa, Christel, Christelle, Christiana, Christine, Cristina, Kristen, Kirsten

His party :

The Chrystels are celebrated on July 24th.

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