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The installation bonus

The installation bonus

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You are going to have your baby babysit at a newly approved maternal assistant. Perhaps you do not know, and she either, that she can claim from the Caf the installation bonus, to contribute to the financing of the necessary arrangements for the reception of the young child ... in this case your tiny.

An installation bonus, under what conditions?

  • If your maternal assistant has just been approved for the first time, the CAF can pay her an installation fee, intended to offset the costs related to the upgrading of her home or the purchase of childcare equipment necessary to the reception of a young child.
  • The amount of this premium is either 300 or 500 €. It is paid only once.
  • To qualify, your maternal assistant must apply to the CAF within one year of obtaining approval.
  • In return for this assistance, it must undertake to respect certain obligations formalized by the signing of a charter.
  • She must remain in the profession for a minimum of three years from the application for the bonus.
  • Your assmat must respect a maximum remuneration of five hourly SMICs per day of reception.
  • It agrees to appear on the website, to inform and update its availability.
  • On the other hand, it should be referenced as far as possible with a nursery assistant, a RAM.
  • In the event of early termination of the activity, it may be held, except for reasons beyond its control, to reimburse the CAF for part or all of the assistance provided.

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