Name Bronislaw - Meaning of origin

Name Bronislaw - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

In the Slavic language, the name Bronislaw means "protection" or "glory".


Bronisław Malinowski is a Polish anthropologist, ethnologist and sociologist.
Bronisław Komorowski is a politician of Polish origin.
Bronisław Geremek is a medieval historian and Polish politician.
Bronisław Baczko is a historian of Polish philosophy and a specialist of Polish origin of the French Revolution and utopias.
Bronisław Huberman was a Polish violinist of Jewish origin.

His character :

Bronislaw is a boy who loves discovery. Energetic and very active, he never stops going on an adventure to discover new things. Dynamic and impatient, he always conducts research to discover new places, novelties or even subjects that he has not yet deepened. Aspiring to a constant change, he does not know how to stay in place. Bronislaw has energy to spare. Nothing seems to slow him down, and he always finds something to do. Always having a project to realize or deepen, he shows seriousness, honesty and sometimes authority. When entrusted with a task, we are sure that it will be completed and as soon as possible. For him, everyone must follow the pace of work it imposes on itself. Bronislaw is a good leader. Being bold, he takes risks in the tasks he undertakes, and it pays off! Intelligent and quick-witted, he makes all the necessary decisions in record time. Trusting his logic and his analytical mind, he always finds the appropriate solutions for each type of problem.


Branislav, Branko, Bronislas and Bronislav.

His party :

There is no party for people with the name Bronislaw.

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