Name Bahia - Meaning of origin

Name Bahia - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Spaniards, Persians

Meaning of the name:

This name has various meanings depending on language and culture. However, it seems that the root of Bahia is Iberian (Spanish-Portuguese). Bahia is derived from "Ba'ia", which means "bay" or "port".
Otherwise, "Bahia" (Brazil), "Bahia Blanca" (Argentina) and "Bahia de los Cochinos" (Cuba), are all places that may also have inspired this name, although the origin remains Iberian.
It is also suggested that this name be taken from the Persian language "Baha" or "Bahai", which literally means "glory".


There are no famous personalities bearing the name Bahia.

His character :

The women named Bahia have an amazing creative ability, whether in the craft, craft, singing, music or art. Sensitive and insightful, they particularly appreciate the refinement. Perfectionists and stubborn, the Bahia are satisfied only when they have succeeded in reaching objectives that one would think inaccessible.
Their naturally sociable and friendly side allows them to express kindness and affection wherever they are and whatever the situation.


There are no known variants for this name.

His party :

Bahia do not celebrate in France.

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