Name Auguste - Meaning and origin

Name Auguste - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Elders, French, Latins

Meaning of the name:

Latin augustus, "saint", "majestic", "venerable", "which imposes respect". Originally, the word augustus is a derivative of the augurs, which meant "a good omen" ...
When Octavian became emperor in 29 BC J. - C., it was given this qualifier which it kept for the posterity. From then on, such a flattering adjective could only spread, especially in the French and Germanic countries.
Today, if Augustin, his derivative, has the parents' preference, Auguste takes advantage of this success to start a return.


The French philosopher Auguste Comte, the director and inventor of the cinematographer Auguste Lumière, the French painter Auguste Renoir, the French sculptors Auguste Rodin and Auguste Bartholdi, the French architect Auguste Perret, the restaurateur and great French chef Auguste Escoffier ...

What future for your little Auguste to you?

His patron saint is Auguste Chapdelaine, a priest of the Foreign Missions, who in the year 1851 was sent to China and experienced martyrdom there.

His character :

Auguste has an irresistible charm. It is distinguished first of all by its dynamic character that stimulates the joy of living wherever it goes. He is able to react with a lot of instinct, whatever the situation. He is extrovert and not easily influenced. He is also a faithful friend and a good living.


August, Augustine, Gus, Gustave, Gustin.

His party :

Augustus are celebrated on February 29, so every four years!

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