Name Anya - Meaning of origin

Name Anya - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Short, Original, Rare, Scandinavian, Slavic

Meaning of the name:

Anya is a feminine given name of Russian origin, but it is also used in the Scandinavian countries and in Slovenia.

In Russian, anya means "grace".


Anya Major, English athlete and model, Anya Philips, American icon of the New York no wave scene of the late seventies, Anya Seton, American novelist and Anya Belyat Giunta, Russian artist.

His character :

Anya needs reassurance to feel valued. She attaches great importance to the affection of those she loves. In his education, he must learn the concept of limits, but without forcing his independence. Anya will have confidence in herself and her family. It is from there that it draws its blooming. Rigidity and excess of rigor should be avoided with Anya. Such behavior will negatively impact on one's development.

Lively, curious and energetic, Anya needs to work hard to maintain a certain balance. Characterized by promptness, Anya likes when things go fast. She hates everything that lags behind and shows no evolution in time. Holding fiercely to independence, freedom is a sacred trait for Anya. This is the reason why this girl is allergic to any form of constraint. Concerned about her image, she looks after her appearance and shows coquetry from an early age. Noted for her pretty face, Anya is also amazed by her sociability and her great ability to express herself.


Anya has many derivatives including: Ania, Hania, Annie, Hanya, Haniya, Annia, Annya and Ani.

His party :

The Anya are honored every 26th of July.

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