Name Amour - Meaning and origin

Name Amour - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Love comes from the Latin word "amor". In the Bible, especially the New Testament, Love is above all the other name of God.


Christian soldiers who belonged to the Theban Legion, it is said that Love and Viateur escaped the massacre orchestrated by the Emperor Maximian at Agaune. Caught up by their persecutors, they were martyred in the Jura mountains. They are particularly honored in Burgundy and Franche-Comté.

Love Amorbach or Amor was the Benedictine abbot who built the Abbey of Amorbach located in Germany. He was also the companion of St. Pirmin.

His character :

Love is a loving and loving person. Nevertheless, he is able to type on the table if necessary. Love is also someone dynamic and very active. He will particularly enjoy extreme sports and will be particularly attracted to travel to exotic countries. Love loves freedom and hates the constraints. He is also a person who accepts a leader only himself. At first glance, it will open gradually to reveal a friendly and extrovert personality. On the family level, he cares a lot about his family and is caring.


Amode, Amokrane, Amon, Amor, Amory, Amori, Amos, and Love.

His party :

Love is celebrated on August 17th.

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