Name Amélien - Meaning of the Name

Name Amélien - Meaning of the Name

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This name is close to the name Emilien. It comes from the Latin "aemulus" which means emulate. It also originates from the Germanic name "Amalberga" derived from the root "amal" which means effort, pain or energy.


Amelien is the name of the singer and guitarist of French pop rock band E-Réel.

Amelian's patron saint is Emilien de la Cogolla, a former shepherd who became a hermit who created a monastic community that became a Benedictine abbey. He was recognized for miracles due to his intervention. He would have died almost centenary ... in 574.

His character :

Impulsive by nature, Amélien is carried away by her emotions. His overflowing imagination allows him to escape when he feels the need. He likes to be right and shows a real moral flying. He releases some energy around him but needs to be supported and reassured to believe in him. He is also perseverant, determined, endowed with an autonomous spirit ...


Aemilius, Amelin, Amelio, Emilian, Melio, Milo, Ameil.

His party :

The Ameliens are celebrated on November 12th.

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