Your child 3-5 years

Why does he eat so much?

Why does he eat so much?

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"Still, again!" At every meal, your child wants more and his appetite is never satisfied. Should we worry?

It's amazing that! Your child seems to be always hungry. At each dish, he asks to be re-served. You wonder: where does this ogre's appetite come from, and is not he likely to be overweight later?

Its curve of corpulence is worrying?

  • The curve of your child's growth follows his growth. On her health record, it is normal for her to increase significantly during her first year. It will then decrease until age 6, when it will increase again. This rise is called the rebound of adiposity. But if it happens before the age of 6, your child may be overweight.
  • What has to be done. It is imperative to monitor its corpulence curve. She suddenly moves away from the reference line? Your doctor should alert you and advise you without delay. If it evolves according to a normal profile, you do not have to worry.

He prefers to eat sweet?

  • Around the age of 3, a child tends to become selective in food. Rather than counting the amount of food that yours absorbs, it is wise to observe the food that attracts (fat, sweet) and the one he leaves (vegetables?).
  • To find out how much food is right for your childyou can consider that the volume of his hand represents a ration. On a daily basis, he must consume a protein ration (meat, fish or egg) and three rations of vegetables and starchy foods.
  • It will often be necessary to propose four or five times a new vegetable before seeing him accept it. In case of refusal, present it accompanied by a starch.

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