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Small snail

Small snail

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Let's dive on the ice with Petit Escargot, a story written by Stéphane Daniel and told by Pierre Richard ...

  • Christmas is coming. Small Snail painfully crosses his meadow to join his family.
  • During his walk, he meets Petit Poulain, Little Rabbit and Little Swallow who gallop, hop and fly at the speed of lightning. How lucky they are! Suddenly, Little Snail collided with a narrow wooden board that he had not seen. No sooner is it mounted on it than the board slips and flies away!
  • - Are we going, children? yells a big voice.
  • The wind shivers the horns of Petit Escargot. He is now hovering above his meadow. And this voice ... Suddenly, he understands that he is riding on Santa's sleigh!
  • Small snail makes a wonderful trip: it flies over distant savannahs, dense forests and expanses of ice. In a few hours, he sees the world as no snail has ever seen it!
  • When the sleigh stops in front of his house, Petit Escargot hesitates before going down. A bearded face appears to him then:
  • - Did you like the trip, Little Snail? The reindeer wanted to stretch their legs before the big night.
  • - Oh, thank you Santa Claus! My parents will never believe what happened to me, said Little Snail coming down the sledge.
  • - Just show them your back!
  • Stuck on his shell as on a suitcase spread a collection of labels: Australia, Brazil, America, Greenland ... This vast world he dreamed to explore, he now wears on his back.

By Stéphane Daniel.

I listen to the story told by Pierre Richard

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