Influenza A in infants

Influenza A in infants

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"The main risk is influenza A, not the vaccine"

The outbreak of influenza A continues to spread and questions remain. Is the vaccine reliable? Is this flu so bad? Professor Didier Houssin, Director General of Health takes stock. (News of the 30/11/09)

Update on the vaccine

The vaccine without adjuvant against the flu A soon available

A few days after the start of the vaccination campaign against influenza A, the French Agency for Health Safety of Health Products (Afssaps) has authorized the placing on the market of the vaccine without adjuvant, for pregnant women and children of less than 2 years old. (News of 17/11/09)

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Influenza A: what if we restricted visits to the maternity ward?

To protect Infants from Influenza A, the National College of Obstetric Gynecologists of France (Cngof) recommends that maternity clinics limit visits to mothers. Exaggerated? Jacques Lansac, President of Cngof explains this recommendation. (News of the 06/10/09)

How to protect newborns?

Influenza A: pediatricians call for serenity

As the circulation of the H1N1 virus increases and an epidemic situation is expected in the coming weeks, the French Pediatric Society wishes to reassure parents about the care of affected children and the proposed vaccine. (News of 29/09/09)

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Influenza A: Can we continue to breastfeed?

The H1 / N1 flu virus has reached the epidemic threshold in France. But what if you breastfeed your baby and are infected with this virus? (News of 28/09/09)

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A / H1N1 flu: a brochure for parents

At a time when toddlers find their way to the nursery or the nanny, the Ministry of Health and Sports publishes a guide, as part of the plan to prevent and fight against influenza pandemic for parents children under 3 years old. (News 03/09/009) Influenza A explained to parents.

A / H1N1 flu: the plan for nurseries

While Roselyne Bachelot, Minister of Health, yesterday presented the new communication campaign to fight against the spread of the H1N1 virus, Nadine Morano, Secretary of State for the Family has unveiled the measures that would be applied to nurseries in case of a pandemic. (News of 25/08/09) I discovered the plan for nurseries.

Influenza A threatens, vaccinate against pneumococcus!

In the event of an influenza pandemic, the most feared enemy is called pneumococcus, a bacterium responsible for terrible pneumonia. Better to take the lead and vaccinate children, recommends the Technical Committee on Immunizations. (News of 10/07/09) The pneumococcus will not pass through him!

Influenza A: precautionary measures for infants

While France now counts 4 proven cases of influenza A and some suspected cases, health authorities are asking early childhood professionals and families returning from Mexico to avoid contact with infants for 7 days. (News 05/05/09) What precautions for my infant?

Does influenza A also threaten babies?

While in Mexico a hundred people died from the swine flu and the suspected cases are increasing in many countries, Francis Rubel, president of the National Union of French pediatricians enlighten us on this epidemic and gives us some precautionary advice . (News 28/04/09) The answers of a pediatrician.