Christmas 2014: our selection of toys 3-5 years

Christmas 2014: our selection of toys 3-5 years

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What toys and games in your big shoes this year? Connected or radio controlled toys, circuits and construction or imitation games ... let us guide you through our selection of 2014 tops.

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Christmas 2014: our selection of toys 3-5 years (26 photos)


Good gift idea to share, this ludo-educational TV console has two figures. Once placed on its base, they appear on the screen and guide all learning activities. Connected in WI-FI this console allows access to thousands of other applications and videos in addition to those of the pack. Lexibook Lexibox, 120 € with a wireless controller, from 3 years old.

Doll My friend Cayla

Cayla is the connected doll that responds when we talk to her! Your little girl can browse with her a photo album to tell beautiful stories, play games, ask him questions ... a real girlfriend.
€ 69.95 (Vivid Europa).
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Cabbie Transporter Disney Planes

So, for sure, little fans of Planes from 3 years old will love it! And in his hold, he carries small toys. Very good !
$ 22.99 (Mattel).
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The Avale-worries

The Avale-worries land! These adorable stuffed toys have a zipper mouth that is used to collect the worries, fears or sorrows of children written on scraps of paper. Once swallowed by these creatures ... no more worries! Several models to choose from.
20 € approx.
In specialized stores.

Interactive Ernest

This is Ernest, an argentinosaur! Coming from the TV series Dino Train, it is articulated and interactive. He goes ahead, utters up to 80 sentences and introduces the curious to the world of dinosaurs.

29,99 about (Tomy).

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Mako plaster castings

This is the big comeback Mako casts! Here, head on the savannah, but other models exist.
€ 19.69 (Mako).
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Styling head Elsa The Snow Queen

Brushing, styling, braiding ... the princess's hair is waiting for the fairy fingers of your princess to be beautiful like the day.
€ 24.99 (IMC Toys).
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Princess Castle

Once upon a time ... a beautiful wooden princess castle. Ideal for your princess to you from 4 years, it measures more than 1 meter and mounts without screws.
99.99 € (Oxybul).
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Storio Max Console

The console for toddlers is enriched with new features and still remains edutaintenative.
139.99 € (Vtech).
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Duo Puzzle Noah's Ark

Let's go to build Noah's Ark with this puzzle. The goal ? associate the animals of the same kind on one side and reconstitute the ark of the other.
14,95 € (Lilliputiens).
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My Leap Player

Here is the new interactive reader developed by LeapFrog, an interactive library rich of 40 themes for thousands of discoveries but also to learn the first learnings of writing letters and numbers.
€ 39.99 or so (LeapFrog).
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Radio Controlled Car Polished Hero

This car has a remote control that offers 2 game modes. Poli is able to follow the stick as if by magic or to move in all directions. He even dances in music!
€ 39.99 (Ouaps).
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Maison Mademoiselle in fabric

Here is a beautiful house fabric (116 x 85 x 117 cm) to install in the bedroom, living room or garden when the weather is nice. An ideal place to hide, to be quiet, to play the doll, have fun with friends and friends, tidying up his stuffed animals ...
€ 49.90 (Janod).
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Baby Born Poupon

He eats, drinks, pee, weeps ... A real baby, or almost, to play mom from 3 years.
49,90 € (Lansay).
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Lifeguard Rescue Station

Brand new, this rescue station at sea should delight your adventurer Playmobil fan. The box contains 5 characters, a boat that can be pulled by a winch and many accessories: surfboard, buoy, helmets .... The lighthouse lights up and the boat floats.
€ 69.90 (Playmobil).
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My animated Farm TipToi

Thanks to the action figures, the large game board and the stable in 3D, your child will live on his farm.
35 € approximately (Ravensburger).
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Grand Eight Tour

Long live the thrills! The characters installed in the wagons, with the security bar snug, left for the big climb. Impressive this circuit with its 38 cm high.
70 € approximately (Brio).
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Vocabulon of the little Disney

The famous board game to learn vocabulary while having fun is Disney fashion.
6 games in 1 to discover and memorize the letters of the alphabet and 80 original words associated with the Disney universe.
30 € approximately (Megableu).
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2 in 1 Scoot and ride bike

Lightweight and space-saving, this bike can be used from 2 years old turns into a scooter when your child grows up.
59.99 € (Oxybul).
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Magformers 30

To discover geometry, a magnetic building game that is both educational, creative and fun for young and old alike. Geometric shapes attract in all directions, without ever being rejected, allowing the imagination to create infinite 3D structures.
€ 39.90 (G2S).
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Equilibrius stacking game

This is an original and fun stacking game. On the podium, the elephant Albert supports the pyramid. Small players, in turn, to position all the characters to make the most beautiful pyramids!
From 3 years old.
14,95 € (Lilliputiens).
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Magnetic and discoveries

Magnétique & Découvertes is a game to develop the dexterity of the little ones. With its large colorful and magnetic pieces, children can build many structures. The forms are diverse for playful and original creations. The rounded corners and the magnets inside the rooms allow to play with comfort and safety.
34, 90 € (Futur Toys).
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The circuit of the great construction of Bruno

A great circuit rich in emotions! You have to turn the crank of the escalator to raise the gears and let them go at a vertiginous speed ... but watch out for the broken bridge!

49,90 about (Chuggington).

Where to find it?

Play the Laughing Pig

It's grandpa who will be happy! Born in 1932, the Laughing Pig did not get a wrinkle. Its principle? Make a 6 to choose your little pig then pull the dice to add paws, ears, tail, etc. In this new edition, 3 special dice are added for even more fun.
27,95 € (Nature and Discoveries).
Where to find it?

Wooden building blocks

Place to the imagination! A boat, his house, a giant tower ... with these multicolored wooden blocks, your apprentice builder from 3 years can build everything that goes through his head. But if everything collapses ... From 3 years old. Dimensions of each piece: 9.5 x 2 x 0.8 cm.
32 € the box with 150 pieces (Legler).
Where to find them?

Super Sand

You can build castles in Spain, without leaving the house, with this very innovative sand. It is more easily modeled than wet sand and resumes its granular consistency at will, without being scattered: magic. Super Sand from Goliath, 39,90 € the Castle box with molds and tools, from 4 years old.

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