Mustela is celebrating babies!

Mustela is celebrating babies!

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On the occasion of the 22nd Festival of Infants, Mustela gives appointment to all parents in pharmacies and parapharmacies partners to purchase the 2 collector briefcases published in limited series. A mini guide on the first discoveries of babies will also be given to them. (News of 29/04/11)

  • For the 22nd consecutive year, Mustela celebrates babies! To participate in the party, go to the partner pharmacies and parapharmacies. You will be able to buy 2 limited edition collector's bags, for the bath, change and the toilet of your baby. Your children will be delighted to get this little suitcase to play ...
  • Selling price : 13, 34 €.
  • Mustela also makes available to parents children from 0 to 2 years, a mini guide to accompany them in the first discoveries of their child. As a gift, 10 animal stickers for your toddler!
  • If you do not buy the suitcases, Mustela spoils you anyway: for 2 products purchased from the brand, a wooden puzzle will be offered!