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Rising milk, how is it?

Rising milk, how is it?

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Nothing is better suited than your own milk for your baby. You are convinced ... Rightly so. The making of this ideal food to meet the nutritional needs of your infant follows several steps. Close up on the most awaited: the rise of milk.

Lactation: a process that is elaborated thoroughly before birth

  • During your pregnancy: your body undergoes various physiological and hormonal changes to gradually orchestrate the establishment of breast milk production. Under the effect of hormones, the volume of your breasts increases. The secretory glands of the milk, acini, grow and develop in the milk ducts that open onto your nipples. Your body changes and prepares for the manufacture of milk, lactation, which will be blocked until delivery.
  • After the birth: nipple sucking by your child unblocks the process of making milk but it will be a few days before the famous rise of milk. In the meantime, this thick yellow liquid that flows from the tip of your breasts, colostrum, a nutrient with inimitable properties gives your newborn all that is vital to him to adapt to his new life: protective antibodies to fight against infections, enzymes to help digestion, all the nutrients necessary for its growth, laxatives to promote the elimination of the first stool, meconium ... Other advantages of colostrum: it is very rich in proteins, salts minerals and very digestible because poor in lactose and fat. What to expect the arrival of the famous milky climb!
  • As the days go by, the composition of colostrum evolves and progressively enriches in lactose and lipids. 10 days after delivery, he will have reached the so-called mature milk phase.

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