Baby Loup nursery wins the trial

Baby Loup nursery wins the trial

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Republican principles of neutrality and secularism have finally won. On Monday, the industrial tribunal of Mantes-la-Jolie validated the dismissal for "serious misconduct and insubordination characterized" of the veiled employee of the nursery association Baby Loup. (News of 16/12/10)

Recall of facts

  • In December 2008When she returns from parental leave, an employee of the Baby Loup crèche demands to be able to wear the veil.
  • Management reminds him of the rules of procedure which prohibits the wearing of religious insignia in the name of the principle of confessional, philosophical and political neutrality.
  • The employee refuses to let go of his veil. She is laid off and dismissed for serious misconduct.
  • She assigns the nursery in court for unfair dismissal and claims 80 000 € in damages.

A case that provokes a lively stir

  • The former employee seizes the High Authority of struggle against discrimination and for equality, the Halde, which gives him reason on the principle of religious freedom.
  • Baby Loup crib receives, in the name of the Republican principle of secularism, the support of many personalities, including Elisabeth Badinter.
  • December 13, 2010, the labor tribunal of Mantes-la-Jolie decided in favor of secularism. He dismissed the former employee and confirmed her dismissal for serious misconduct.

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