My weight stagnates at the end of pregnancy

My weight stagnates at the end of pregnancy

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"I gained weight very quickly (11 kg) in early pregnancy and my baby too.I start my ninth month and for 4 weeks my weight stagnates.Is normal?" Marianne Benoit Truong Canh, midwife , answer Julie's question.

The answer of Marianne Benoit Truong Canh, midwife and national counselor

  • No pregnancy is alike. If many women are gaining weight at the end of pregnancy, this is not your case. Your eleven kilograms correspond to an entirely adapted weight gain if your body mass index (weight-to-height ratio squared) before your pregnancy was in normality and if your baby has a good growth. This had to be checked during your medical follow-up.
  • The last month, the future baby takes on average 200 to 250 g, the rest is relative to the amniotic fluid and the placenta, that is globally 300 g. But if you have not grown in the last four weeks, it is probably that your baby draws on your reserves, without this poses any danger or has an adverse impact on your health. Do not worry !

The mothers' point of view

  • "For my first pregnancy, I took 12 kg in six months and then nothing.The baby was 4 kg at birth! I'm waiting for a child again and I'm on the same path. So, do not worry . " Halima
  • "For my first pregnancy, I took very little up to six months, then I grew 16 kg, but for the second, at seven months, I had 12 kg more and then my weight stagnated almost until the birth (about 2 kg) Every woman and every body react differently to motherhood! " Sofia

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