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Walking, instructions for use

Walking, instructions for use

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Is the trotter good for your child? Is the 4 legs a mandatory step? At what age do you worry if he does not work? Our specialists give you benchmarks.

To respect the musculature of his back, I avoid leaving my baby too long in his seat-shell (or cozy).

  • Until the age of 3 months, do not overdo it for too long periods, for a nap for example, because the position that your baby adopts there is not very good for his spine still "soft". If you have to take a long drive, prefer the carrycot so your toddler can lie down. The same goes for the lounger: up to 1 month, tilt it so that your child is in a horizontal position, then straighten it over the weeks, depending on the evolution of his head .
  • Towards 1 month, offer him a mobile or a gantry positioned in the extension of the axis of his body, a little lower than his eyes, to stimulate it. He will fix his eyes - it's more interesting than the ceiling! -, will try to touch the figures while exerting control of his head.

The park is good for the psychomotor development of my child.

  • Unlike the wake-up mat, which you can offer your toddler from 3 months, the park has the advantage of being a secure space for your child and secure for you. Without risk of injury, he discovers his environment and increases his physical and psychomotor experiences facilitated by stable benchmarks. Have fun grabbing his attention by hanging toys on the bars to make him want to reach them. Your little curious should not resist long before seeking a solution to hoist himself.
  • It is no coincidence that many children are standing up for the first time in their park. He will take pleasure in starting again to fully master standing, but do not leave it for hours, he would be bored. He also wants and needs to expand his explorations.

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