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Lack of appetite: he grows up!

Lack of appetite: he grows up!

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He who took so much pleasure in gobbling up the good things you were preparing for him and seemed so appreciative of all the novelties on his plate, now he is approaching his meals without much enthusiasm. And if it was normal?

He lost his beautiful appetite

  • What is going on ? Nothing out of the ordinary. Your baby is growing up! When he was born, his greatest pleasure and pleasure was to feed himself comfortably in your arms. Now, he realized that there were many other curiosities to satisfy.

He discovers the world

  • Sitting or on all fours, the standing does not scare him either. Suddenly, he does not see the days pass. And if, in addition, you come to interrupt an exciting game to put it at the table, you understand how annoying it is for him.
  • As he grows up, he has worries: everything is not always rosy in his little life. Schedule changes, a new nanny or babysitter, an unusual lack of availability on your part? Like you when you're upset, he can have a knotted stomach. A little patience, big hugs and he will sulk less meals.

How to react ?

  • When his appetite is capricious, never force him to eat, you could block it. It is difficult to fight against this trend that we all want to supercharge our toddlers, to worry as soon as they do not want to eat ... Yet, we reassure pediatricians, a small child is never starved to death.