Backache: every quarter its solution

Backache: every quarter its solution

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Back pain is one of the pregnancy problems that we would do well. And it starts in the first months, when baby is light as a feather. What are these evils, how can they be relieved? Our backache problem.

  • Back pain, few expectant mothers are spared and this begins in the first trimester of pregnancy. At this time, it is not the future baby who is at the origin of these pains, but the famous pregnancy hormones, again! In the second trimester, it is the rocking of the pelvis which will provoke pains and lumbago, which may give way to sciatic pain at the end of pregnancy.
  • You think that the painting is not pink? Rest assured, for each quarter, you will discover what is happening ... but also the solutions of the physiotherapist to relieve you.

1st trimester

2nd quarter

3rd quarter

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