Knitted names

Knitted names

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His name (or another word) knit ... a nice idea for a room decoration 100% homemade or as a gift of birth! We show you how to make it on video.

Of course, the time of realization varies according to the length of the word and the complexity of the letters, but the result obtained will surely live up to your expectations!

Preparation time : 20 min


  • 1 mechanical knit
  • 1 ball of wool
  • 1 knitting needle
  • soft wire
  • 1 cutting pliers or scissors
  • 1 small flat nose pliers (optional)
  • 1 sheet of paper
  • 1 rule
  • 1 pencil of paper
  • string

Production :

  • On a sheet of paper draw a line. Then write in pencil, the first name or the word you want to use, all without lifting the pencil.
  • Using the string, measure the length you will need in knitting by following the writing.
  • Realize your knitting (find our tutorial to make a mechanical knitting) a little longer than the length of writing.
  • Insert the wire in the middle of the knit all the way, leaving a little wire of der on each side.
  • By helping you write text on the paper, fold the knitting so that it follows the writing.
  • Two sons intersect or overlap: wrap them with yarn (the same yarn used for knitting) by squeezing well. Make a knot and conceal the ends inside the knit.
  • Then fold the ends of the wire together to form 2 loops (possibly cut off the excess wire). Then wrap them with yarn so that the knit stays in place on the wire.
  • Attach the knit word to the wall with the 2 loops.
  • You can of course choose a first name, for the decoration of a child's room, but also a word that you will put on your chest of drawers or on the wall! Let your inspiration and your desires speak by choosing pastel wool colors, flashy or soft!