The Essentials of Child magazine

The Essentials of Child magazine

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New in the kiosks! regularly associates with its issue a 60-page guide whose theme is essential to the life of young parents. This month, 31 bobos of the summer under the magnifying glass.

  • With the September issue of Newsstand on July 27, go for the new Essentials guide, a collection of little books for moms that go to the basics.
  • Essentials of are supplements editorials offered regularly with pocket magazine. The topics approached with humor and complicity are "essential" for young parents: language, live well the back to school, help him have a good sleep, help him eat healthy, games and toys to help him grow, allergies, winter diseases, childcare ...
  • This month, "31 bobos of summer with a magnifying glass".
  • The essentials of, with pocket size.

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